Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reverse The Universe

I often worry that the Universe will come to an end.

What if the Universe is not infinite - after all, what else is? - and what if we happen to be close to the very edge of it?

What happens if we fall over?

Science tells us that the Earth moves through space at great speed. Sure, the edge of the Universe may be very far off today. But where is it tomorrow?

I say we consider the option of turning this ship around, before it is too late! We know where we came from, but not where we're going! This makes total sense, and everyone should be able to agree on this.

I vote that we build massive engines that can reset our course and start moving our planet backwards, along a safer, more well chartered path. Who's with me?

Two-Cat Theory Fails

A reader of my blog pointed out a few minor misunderstandings of mine with regards to schrodinger's cat. In light of this new information, I must unfortunately, but in the name of Science, be the first to revoke my own explanation to the mysterious phenomenon: Yes, the "two-cat" theory is, I'm afraid, officially dead!

However, now that I know the full width of the problem, I am determined to find the solution. Perhaps it will turn out to involve multiple cats, after all?

Schrodinger's Cats

Sometimes it all seems so simple in retrospect...

For centuries quantum philosophers have been stumped by the conundrum of schrodinger's cat. But this morning, in a bout of sudden inspiration, I finally cracked the nut:

He had TWO cats!

Infinitely Agnostic

I was recently prompted, in the comment section of this blog, to clarify my position on religion. In particular, am I an atheist or "just" an agnostic?

I believe that I don't believe in God. But how could I be sure?

The answer is that I can't - I could never be 100% sure that I don't actually believe in God. In the end, there is only my firm belief to that effect.

Since it is logically impossible to know what you yourself think, I can therefor only remain, at the
most, an agnostic with regards to my atheism. The same would go for me eventual agnosticism - I could at most be agnostic about it. And of course, the same must be said for my agnosticism about my agnosticism - I can only be agnostic about it! And so it goes on, ad infinum.

Therefor the answer to the question about my religion position is infinitely recursive and thus, if I even tried to answer it, I would threaten to exhaust all available resources in the Universe in the process.

Truth Be Told

Everybody think they know what the Truth is - but have you ever stopped to wonder whether the Truths of all those people, who all think they know what the Truth is, are actually all the same Truths?

And if you take this fact all the way to its logical conclusion - as we must - then, since everybody have their own Truths, it follows that there is no such thing as an objective Truth! But that, on the other hand, is an objective Truth in itself, proving that Truth - and thus the very existence of the Universe - is a paradox at its core.

Philosophy is awesome.

What Are Dreams

Have you ever wondered what a dream really is?

Is it just a fragment of your imagination, or is it something...more?

Great philosophers throughout the ages have been stumped by this question, and rightly so, for it is one which does not have a proper answer. Some will liken it to a Koan, that intentionally misleads the listener into a false dichotomy. Others will say that the question is correctly posed, but should preferably be framed in its inverse form: What are dreams Not?

Myself, I have, as always, a practical view on the matter: Dreams make me sleep!

But is is nevertheless fun to philosophize...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Space Is Bigger Than You Think...

It sometimes amuses me to think about people who think they have any perception of just how big space is. It is much, much bigger than what you can imagine. And yet you sometimes probably try to imagine it. And when you do, you try to imagine something really, really Big. But compared to space, you still fail.