Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Truth Be Told

Everybody think they know what the Truth is - but have you ever stopped to wonder whether the Truths of all those people, who all think they know what the Truth is, are actually all the same Truths?

And if you take this fact all the way to its logical conclusion - as we must - then, since everybody have their own Truths, it follows that there is no such thing as an objective Truth! But that, on the other hand, is an objective Truth in itself, proving that Truth - and thus the very existence of the Universe - is a paradox at its core.

Philosophy is awesome.


  1. No dude, not buying your "Logic" and your crappy boring "Truth". I have seen the Light of the Lord I have spoken to Jesus Christ. No way, NO WAY man can you convince me of this sterile concept of yours. Man, fools like you really piss me off. You wait man, soon you'll be 80 and in your diapers then you'll beg the Good Lord to forgive you. get of the Internet you are waisting your time - this so called Time of Science is over -the bluff has been called.

  2. Ha, the voice of ignorance!

    Do you not realize that there is a whole Universe out there, whether you like it or not? Science is here to stay, and people like you can just go and get yourself some education!

    I see in your profile that you like to play the electric guitarr? That's right: E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y! Or what do you think it is that powers your guitarr - Jesus Christ!? I didn't think so!

    Come down from your cloud you hippie and smell the coffee.

  3. By the way, Mr know-it-all, I am not even an atheist - I'm more of an agnostic, actually. I just think that just because you have Jesus, that doesn't mean you don't need electricity!

  4. Bah! god help us all, the moron speaks again!

    First of all: /NOTHING/ indicates that the electricity was not invented by God.

    Secondly: Mmm-okey, you say you belive in Jesus Christ (Show it then I say, you bald coward). It is well established that God created the universe and MAN. So your arguements are not even making any sense. You on the other hand have not a single shred of evidence supporting your wacky theory.

    Third: if there is no God (as there is)where would the love and the music and Jesus Christ come from. PWNED!!!!

    Sorry buddy, not so fun when you are debatting with someone who has acctual ARGUMENTS and not the crack pot theories only supporting you, is it?