Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Infinitely Agnostic

I was recently prompted, in the comment section of this blog, to clarify my position on religion. In particular, am I an atheist or "just" an agnostic?

I believe that I don't believe in God. But how could I be sure?

The answer is that I can't - I could never be 100% sure that I don't actually believe in God. In the end, there is only my firm belief to that effect.

Since it is logically impossible to know what you yourself think, I can therefor only remain, at the
most, an agnostic with regards to my atheism. The same would go for me eventual agnosticism - I could at most be agnostic about it. And of course, the same must be said for my agnosticism about my agnosticism - I can only be agnostic about it! And so it goes on, ad infinum.

Therefor the answer to the question about my religion position is infinitely recursive and thus, if I even tried to answer it, I would threaten to exhaust all available resources in the Universe in the process.

1 comment:

  1. You are a FAKE!!!! You /know/ the Lord, you /know/ Jesus Christ and yet you choose to be 'the cool kid' saying you want God but you also want to be playing with the so called 'scientists' (who of course have nothing to prove their theories). There is nothing 'cool' about ignoring facts, man.

    FACT: God exists.
    FACT: Jesus Christ exists
    FACT: you are a very poor and pathetic man