Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reverse The Universe

I often worry that the Universe will come to an end.

What if the Universe is not infinite - after all, what else is? - and what if we happen to be close to the very edge of it?

What happens if we fall over?

Science tells us that the Earth moves through space at great speed. Sure, the edge of the Universe may be very far off today. But where is it tomorrow?

I say we consider the option of turning this ship around, before it is too late! We know where we came from, but not where we're going! This makes total sense, and everyone should be able to agree on this.

I vote that we build massive engines that can reset our course and start moving our planet backwards, along a safer, more well chartered path. Who's with me?


  1. It is very thought provoking idea! But what if we are not going to end of universe, but some other place? Maybe is good place! I have not had much rain in my garden last two years, and would like some better weather! Maybe we point engines other way!

  2. Hello Jimmy,

    Are you also interested in philosophy? Or are you more of a practical man?

    I think the interesting thing with my idea is that it appeals to people of both these natures!

    I will follow your blog with interest, perhaps we will have more philosophical discussions in the future?


  3. Well, well Look who is coming around. Happy to see that you let the lord back in your life. I say YES! Lets take charge of this planet's course. I am with you, dude. God bless!