Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Schrodinger's Cats

Sometimes it all seems so simple in retrospect...

For centuries quantum philosophers have been stumped by the conundrum of schrodinger's cat. But this morning, in a bout of sudden inspiration, I finally cracked the nut:

He had TWO cats!


  1. Man dude, I am warning you. Don't bring the cats into this. They are beautiful, loving creatures of God. If you say anything about my babies again I swear to you: then it's personal!

  2. What, haven't you given up yet?

    Don't you understand: S-C-I-E-N-C-E, OK?

    Logic and reason will always triumph over stupid superstition, no matter what you and all the Jesus wannabes out there are saying.

    I mean, you believe in little flying men, but you probably don't believe in gravity, right?

  3. Stupid! I have never questioned gravity, I'm just saying you have no proof for your stupid theory that it is /NOT/ the creation of the Lord. WHICH IT IS!

    Stop following me, by the way, or are you stalking me because you want me to get you on the straigt and narrow. NP! I'm your brother in Christ, dude.

  4. Oh Dear...

    It is lucky for you that a real philosopher came across your rantings. Hopefully this snowball can be stopped in time.

    I am afraid you have misunderstood more than a few things about the Venerable Cat and the theories of his master. At this moment I am afraid you are making less sense, even, than our Christian nincompoop here.

    Please send me an e-mail detailing some of your gravest misconceptions with regards to these matters and I will do my best to correct them! Immediately, I must insist.


    Horace Q. Horatius,